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The idea that the business should learn IT is typical of technical people and completely misguided

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Some time ago I wrote the following:

The idea that the business should learn IT is typical of technical people and completely misguided” (Ron Palmer)

Yes, but then please don’t complain. Go away. You are talking about stuff you do not understand and I can’t take you seriously.
There is a Dilbert cartoon where the Pointy Haired Boss is doing a project estimation; claims that everything he doesn’t understand is simple and goes on: ‘Creating a multi-tier architecture for multiple channels … that will be three minutes’.

Do you listen to your IT department when they tell you, that doing this project in the given time frame will make maintenance difficult? No you won’t, you say that “they stifle the creative entrepreneurialism that is critical to advancing the state of the business”.
But would you skip maintenance on your car knowing that the risk of losing a tire will increase every month?

You do not listen … and then you complain. You create christmas wishlists and then you complain about not getting everything and especially not getting the thing that wasn’t on your list. But that was obviously needed by you.

So don’t learn about IT but make it your responsibility that they understand your needs. Would you have an architect build your house without checking the plans making sure that he understood your needs, without regularly checking the progress?

It was written, when I was involved in a project where the business side (again) complained that our software did not do what they expected. And it was (again) a misunderstanding about a sentence in their specification, that to us had a complete different meaning than what they expected (and vice versa). So perhaps you can forgive me the angry style. Instead of whining, let me try to improve on the situation.

Let’s draft a contract: It is our responsibility to understand your needs and translate them into software. We do that in the best way we know of. And “best” here means, as fast and cheap as possible (“cheap” in the long or short run: you choose). Because if you need something now, and know the trade off of getting it ASAP, we will do it. If we (think we) see a better way to support your business, it is our obligation to propose such a solution. But to be able to do that you must help us in any way you can. So that we are enabled to learn, what is important to you and what is not. And this does not end with you handing over a “specification”. It involves you, to write the specification (with us) in the best way you know of. It involves you, when we have questions and need clarifications. It involves you listening to us, when we explain trade offs for various solutions. It involves you, when we have a prototype or even a first version ready, to thoroughly try and test it. Anything that has been in that first version, that you would like to change later, will become more expensive to change over time. Adding a basement after the roof has been set is kind of difficult.

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