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Automator Workflow for MultiMarkDown image links

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I am currently writing most of my stuff in MultiMarkDown. And since I prefer images over text, I have to integrate a whole bunch of images in my MultiMarkDown texts. And that is just cumbersome. The minimal image link is


but if you want to be able to reference the images (and add some HTMLL alt-text) it has to become


   [neo4j-cypher-graph-naive]: img/neo4j-cypher-graph-naive.png "caption"

and with a link to that image that works well enough in HTML and LaTeX/PDF you have to add:

   (s. [caption](#neo4j-cypher-graph-naive))

That’s quite some typing. So in the spirit of Brett Terpstras Markdown Service Tools, I created my own (very first service) that allows me to

  1. select a file in the (Path) Finder
    select the service
  2. enter the caption
    enter the caption
  3. and have everything put into the Clipboard, so that
  4. I can paste it into my editor of choice

I have uploaded the Automator Workflow at

I will ask Brett to include it in his collection

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